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An expression evaluating to the attribute number to be searched. The value number matching the string is placed in var. If attr is omitted or equal to 0, the entire dynamic array is searched and the attribute number which matches the string is placed in var. An expression evaluating to the value number to be searched within the specified attribute. The subvalue number matching the string is placed in var.

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If val is omitted or equal to 0, the entire attribute is searched and the value number which matches the string is placed in var. Position to start searching with default is 1. If string is in the first start-1 positions, it is not found; however, if string is found, var will still be assigned a value as if it had started searching with 1.

An expression evaluating to the sequence in which elements are sorted. Possible values are:. THEN statements.

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ELSE statements. The second form allows the programmer to specify where in the dynamic array to start searching, and uses the angle bracket syntax similar to that of the EXTRACT function. The LOCATE statement searches a dynamic array for an attribute, value, or subvalue, and places an integer in var depending on whether it was found.

If it was found, the integer indicates the position where the expression was found; if it was not found, the integer indicates where it should be inserted. If the string is not found, the number placed in var may be used with a subsequent INSERT statement to place the string in the proper sequence. Unless the BY clause is used, the sequence is assumed to be random: if the string is not found, var is assigned the number of the last position plus 1. How to locate the position of element with atomic number which is not yet discovered?

Ernest Z. Sep 4, Answer: You use the order of filling orbitals and your knowledge of the Periodic Table to locate Element From Fotolia,com It is in the lower right-hand corner of the Periodic Table, at the end of Period 7 and the bottom of Group Where is element ? We use the order of filing atomic orbitals. Adapted from Wikibooks It shows that the next electrons will go into the "8s" orbital.

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Related questions How can the periodic table be used to predict new elements? How are the elements are organized in the periodic table? Why is the periodic table a useful tool?

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How are elements arranged in the modern periodic table? What were the contributions of Mendeleev to the periodic table?

Explain how the periodic table is organized?