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This essentially allows you to see everything that happens on the phone. Want to make sure your kids aren't spending too much time on their phone each day? This feature makes it easy to set a maximum amount of time they can use their device. The only problem with the Standard package is you don't get to use the online dashboard. This is pretty limiting. For this reason, we only recommend the Online Package.

Overall, the iKeyMonitor package is pretty solid. Installation of the app, in particular, was a bit more technically involved than other apps we tested, but it seemed very stable once it was installed and setup. All the spying functionality works as advertised, and the app is hidden from the user, making it completely undetectable.

However, it does require you to root Android or jailbreak iOS the device for maximum access. If you're not comfortable with this process, you'll be better off going with one of the other companies that offer to do this for you for a small fee, or don't require it, such as Highster Mobile.

For this reason, it came in number 5 in our comparison. One thing worth mentioning, though, is that the feature to log what they type truly does record everything that happens on the phone. So, if you're willing to search through the logs, you won't miss anything that's typed on the device. The top apps to spy on Android phones aren't necessarily best for iPhone. Many packages are compatible with either one, but there are differences in the operating systems that limit capabilities and functionality.

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There are a lot of good solutions to spy on Android phones. The amount of real information that can be provided depends on whether or not you root the Android device, as this provides access to absolutely everything on the phone. Android spy apps don't have an iCloud backup spying equivalent, as Android doesn't use a similar backup method. Apple phones run on the iOS software platform.

Smartphone spyware generally falls into two categories; those that require jailbreaking the device and those that don't. But there is one notable exception. The iPhone spy software we reviewed allows you to get MOST of the information without even installing any software. These apps require that you know the iCloud login credentials of the target device.

From there, it is free to remotely access all the backups, which are regularly stored by the phone. These offer the greatest flexibility and are also great for those that aren't comfortable dealing with complex technology. Regardless of what you're trying to track, most features offered among cell phone spy software are essentially the same whether or not your target is using Android.

Whether you're planning on monitoring a child, employee, spouse, or anyone else, there are a few key features you should look for before deciding on a phone tracker app. One of the more important pieces of information for a concerned parent, employer, or spouse is the user's location. All of the cell phone tracking software we've covered allows you to track the target device's exact location. Some cell phone tracking apps now take this capability even further by logging the location over a specific time frame. A good cell phone tracker app allows you to set up zones as well.

When the user enters or leaves these zones, you'll be notified. Pretty much everyone sends text messages about their personal life, business, or things they are hiding from someone else. And knowing how to monitor text messages to spy on what's being said is a must for any tracking software. Every one of our picks has this capability.

You can even read someone's text messages without installing anything. Some even allow you to log all texts and download them from the phone later. So even if the user deletes their messages, you'll still have them in your control panel.

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Hacking into someone's text messages is a powerful tool to monitor who they're talking with and what they're saying. Some apps even allow you to spy on someone's text messages without installing anything on their phone. Even if you are using a Facebook Messenger hack , it's hard to keep track of all the ways people use to communicate, especially with chatting apps.

Spying on conversations in Whatsapp or Tinder is a bit more involved than seeing SMS text messages or a log of calls, but we have covered several spy apps that now offer this capability and even more.

Highster Mobile (advanced phone tracker)

These provide a user-friendly and easy way to spy on chat conversations across multiple platforms. And you can spy on it all from your web browser, in an easy to use dashboard. Although e-mail communication isn't as popular among kids and teens, it's still something that should be monitored closely.

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Any app you're considering should offer the capability to monitor incoming and outgoing emails. Many apps will store calls in a log that you can review and download from the device whenever you like.

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Some of the better apps will even let you record all calls on the phone. All of the top spy apps should be able to record phone calls. Flexispy can record live phone calls, and also makes it easy to turn on the phone's microphone for in-room recording without the user's knowledge. The ability to activate the camera and record or take a photo, without the user knowing, is a powerful feature. The app comes with a preset 3-month training plan that covers 5 to 7 workout days a week and offers customized programs according to your current fitness level. Weight Loss Walking provides audio instructions for each session and numerous tips not only on walking, but also on how to make smart nutrition decisions.

Being GPS-based, the app offers a map for your walks and direct access to a large variety of workout music that can range from classical to hip-hop. Walkmeter lets you visualize your route on a map during your walking session and directly share your progress on social networking sites. You can also opt to receive voice announcements at set intervals about the desired metrics: distance, time, speed, pace and more and listen to reactions from friends and followers on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Are you lacking the motivation to get up and move? Say no more.

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World Walking inspires you to get off the couch and walk more and more by allowing you to take world renowned routes, such as the Inca Trail that leads to Machu Pichu or a hike through Cinque Terre National Park. Using Google Maps, the app enables you to create your favorite virtual routes.

You can use World Walking to create your own walking group with family and friends and share the progress made with members of that group. The app comes with a GPS route tracker and provides insight into a wide range of useful metrics, such as the total calorie consumption or how much water you need to drink to stay hydrated. The app offers tips on walking efficiently and motivates you to keep going with various audio-cues during your training sessions.

I see the upgrade options would be very useful but at this point are not necessary for me. A great app with options that are very helpful. There you have it—nine different time tracker apps for iPhone that can help you keep a close eye on your time and figure out how to be even more efficient and effective. Give one or several!

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Post Comment. Online timers provide motivation, accountability, documentation, balance — and vital management data. Whether you manage yourself, work with a team, or lead a group, you can get the most from your efforts by keeping track of your most precious resource — productive time.

Blog Archive Media Kit Sign-up. Download the app Get Toggl. Toggl Call us biased, but we had to put Toggl first on this list.

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Harvest Harvest is another popular time tracker on the market. Hours With hours, you can keep a running list of different timers that you can switch between with just one click. HoursTracker HoursTracker aims to make tracking your time as simple and straightforward as possible. Timelines In terms of time tracking, Timelines is highly visual.

Hubstaff Hubstaff is another popular time tracking solution—particularly for teams. TimeCamp TimeCamp is awesome for freelancers and other professionals who get headaches at the thought of needing to log their billable hours.